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Ayer (biography) HERE Dawkins (Devils Advocate) HERE
Eco (Platypus) HERE Heidegger (Ereignis) HERE
Kant (biography) HERE Nagel (Last Word) HERE
Nussbaum (Upheavals) HERE Pinker (Blank Slate) HERE
Polkinghorne (theology) HERE Rorty (Brandom) HERE
Scanlon (What we Owe) HERE Williams (Truthfulness) HERE
Charles Taylor's elegy for the Modern World> HERE Fred Inglis on Collingwood HERE
Heidegger/Arendt (Lurve) HERE G.E.M. Anscombe HERE
Parfit's On What Matters HERE Quassim Cassam on conspiracy theories HERE
Kieran Setiya on Moral Knowledge HERE Marc Hauser's Tanner Lecture on Human Nature HERE
Davidson (Truth and Predication) HERE Cheryl Misak's Ramsey HERE